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ADI LT1016 Series Datasheet and Product Info

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UltraFast Precision 10ns Comparator

■ UltraFast™ (10ns typ)
■ Operates Off Single 5V Supply or ±5V
■ Complementary Output to TTL
■ Low Offset Voltage
■ No Minimum Input Slew Rate Requirement
■ No Power Supply Current Spiking
■ Output Latch Capability

■ High Speed A/D Converters
■ High Speed Sampling Circuits
■ Line Receivers
■ Extended Range V-to-F Converters
■ Fast Pulse Height/Width Discriminators
■ Zero-Crossing Detectors
■ Current Sense for Switching Regulators
■ High Speed Triggers
■ Crystal Oscillators

TheLT®1016isanUltraFast 10nscomparatorthatinterfaces directly to TTL/CMOS logic while operating off either ±5V or single 5V supplies. Tight offset voltage specifications and high gain allow the LT1016 to be used in precision applications. Matched complementary outputs further extend the versatility of this comparator.
A unique output stage provides active drive in both directions for maximum speed into TTL/CMOS logic or passive loads, yet does not exhibit the large current spikes found in conventional output stages. This allows the LT1016 to remain stable with the outputs in the active region which,greatly reduces the problem of output “glitching” when the input signal is slow moving or is low level.
The LT1016 has a LATCH pin which will retain input data at the outputs, when held high. Quiescent negative power supply currentisonly 3mA. This allows thenegative supply pin to be driven from virtually any supply voltage with a simple resistivedivider. Deviceperformance isnot affected by variations in negative supply voltage.
Analog Devices offers a wide range of comparators in addition to the LT1016 that address different applications. See the Related Parts section on the back page of the data sheet.
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