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ADI LTC2063 Series Operational Amplifiers Datasheet and Product Info

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2µA Supply Current,Low IB, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers
LTC2063 Features
1、Low Supply Current: 2μA Maximum (per Amplifier)
2、Offset Voltage: 5μV Maximum
3、Offset Voltage Drift: 0.02μV/°C Maximum
4、Input Bias Current:
◆ 3pA Typical
◆ 30pA Maximum, –40°C to 85°C
◆ 100pA Maximum, –40°C to 125°C
5、Integrated EMI Filter (114dB Rejection at 1.8GHz)
6、Shutdown Current: 170nA Maximum (per Amplifier)
7、Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
8、1.7V to 5.25V Operating Supply Range
9、AVOL: 140dB Typical
10、Low-Charge Power-Up for Duty Cycled Applications
11、Specified Temperature Ranges:
◆ –40°C to 85°C
◆ –40°C to 125°C
12、SC70, TSOT23, MS8, DFN10, TSSOP14 and QFN16 Packages

LTC2063 Applications
1、Signal Conditioning in Wireless Mesh Networks
2、Portable Instrumentation Systems
3、Low-Power Sensor Conditioning
4、Gas Detection
5、Temperature Measurement
6、Medical Instrumentation
7、Energy Harvesting Applications
8、Low Power Current Sensing

LTC2063 Description
The LTC®2063/LTC2064/LTC2065 are single, dual, and quad low power, zero-drift, 20kHz amplifiers. The LTC2063/LTC2064/LTC2065 enable high resolution measurement at extremely low power levels.
Typical supply current is 1.4µA per amplifier with a maximum of 2µA. The available shutdown mode has been optimized to minimize power consumption in duty-cycled applications and features low charge loss during power-up, reducing total system power.
The LTC2063/LTC2064/LTC2065’s self-calibrating circuitry results in very low input offset (5µV max) and offset drift (0.02µV/°C). The maximum input bias current is only 20pA and does not exceed 100pA over the full specified temperature range. The extremely low input bias current of the LTC2063/LTC2064/LTC2065 allows the use of high value power-saving resistors in the feedback network.
With its ultralow quiescent current and outstanding precision, the LTC2063/LTC2064/LTC2065 can serve as a signal chain building block in portable, energy harvesting and wireless sensor applications.
The LTC2063 is available in 6-lead SC70 and 5-lead TSOT-23 packages. The LTC2064 is available in 8-lead MSOP and 10-lead DFN packages. The LTC2065 is available in 14-lead TSSOP and 16-lead 3mm × 3mm QFN packages. These devices are fully specified over the –40°C to 85°C and –40°C to 125°C temperature ranges. 
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